Monday, September 30, 2013

Button Sort

When children sort/classify they are working on several different skills:
                                                           observation skills
                                                           descriptive words
                                                           logical/analytical thinking
                                                           relationship between objects

We introduced sorting by providing the children with a container of buttons and the bottom half of a nuts and bolts container (can be found at any hardware store).

We introduced the material and discussed (as a whole group), some of the physical characteristics of the buttons (size, color, texture, buttons with holes, without holes, shiny, dull). Our main objective was to introduce vocabulary. During work centers we observed children creating all kinds of cool sorting groups.
    It's always neat to see children making connections without a lot of teacher direction. Sometimes it's good to put out open ended materials and allow children time to explore.                                          

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Classroom rules class book

Almost one month into the school year and we are still going our the classroom rules daily. (REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT) lol!

My kiddos are doing a great job with learning and following them. We made a classroom book of our rules, it was neat to see their interpretation of them.

Teacher made book cover
age 5 

Age 4

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Social Story

Social stories are very helpful when teaching social kills, classroom rules, and other desired behaviors. Lately I have observed my pre-kinders saying "I'm not going to be your friend" if one of their classmates isn't doing something they want them to do, needless to say the child to whom this phrase is spoken usually ends up in tears.  I consider this to be bulling and a form of manipulation. In an attempt to keep a safe classroom (emotional and physical). I decided to create a social story about using kind and unkind words. The kiddos loved it and because I added pictures they are able to refer back to the "story" when necessary.  
Using kind words
Sorry my hand writing can be a bit messy but mission accomplished! 
Shonda Mc-Alston

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 Copied this from Lessons with Coffee Facebook fan page!! So excited to have my slant box match!! more to come..

Bulletin Boards

I found two adorable bulletin board ideas on Pinerest and I attempted to recreate them...
 the original idea can be found here

 (all of our centers are bare at the beginning of each school year because we demonstrate to our new prekinders how to properly take care of the materials)
This bulletin board is hanging up in our library area

We use our third bulletin board to display student art work.
And as you can see we have a lot of white wall space to spruce up!
Until next time