Saturday, January 11, 2014

Parents are our VIPS!

The two things I love most about my career are
1. children and
2. families
without either there would be no need for teachers

We try to provide enriching,fun parent/ child activities  at least once a month in our classroom.The purpose of this is to get the entire family envolved and excited about learning. In this busy, fast pace world that we live in, it is necessary for educators to lure parents into their child's world  (if only for a brief moment) through field trips, cultural experienecs, or muffins for mom. Usually at the end of one of our VIP (Very Important Parent) events, we evaluate its success by the number of smiling faces we see...

Parents compete in a piñata making contest during our piñata celebration

Piñatas were made from recycled materials

(Below) winter wonderland celebration 

Pattern wreath

Marshmallow  Snowman


Enjoying our VIP's

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