Monday, April 28, 2014

Using the environment as the "third" teacher

The big question I often wonder about when using a prescribed box curriculum is how can I stay true to what's developmentally appropriate  for my preschool children while meeting system "standards"?  One way I've found to do this is to extend the curriculum beyond the walls of the classroom. Recently we took a field trip to  Latta Plantation Reserve  and simply walked the 2 miles of nature trails with no agenda but to get some fresh air before our horse back riding adventure.
 We allowed the children to freely explore the nature preserve (the third teacher in this case), the kids initiated conversations about sea shells and why were they on the sand around the lake,

Which animals live near and in the lake? What happens if you throw a rock into the lake, will it sink or float?  How deep is the lake? 
 How do we know if we are going the right way?

What animal made these tracks?
                                                       And which animals live underground?

Of course I documented everything :) to be used as supplemental material for our LAST unit of this school year! 
Let nature be your third teacher and the children be your guide

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