Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alphabet Mitten Math Game

Transitions (going from one scheduled activity to another) is the best time for me to sneak some fun learning with my preschool children. We go over letters (name/sound), shapes, colors, rhyming, patterns and just about everything during transitions. I use intentional planning for transition activities, which means it's usually fun for the children but most of the activities are designed to assist me with documenting and recording skills.
Since the holiday break we have increased our focus on letter names and sounds, so I created this simple alphabet game which can be played several ways.
 Alphabet Mitten Game.
Advanced Level
The teacher pass out the mittens letter side only, the teacher then holds up three picture mittens and says " If your letter is the beginning letter in one of these pictures stand up" once the letters and the pictures have been matched then those children can be dismissed from circle to the next activity.

Intermediate Level
   Alphabet Match - Each child has one mitten. The child with the letter mitten says "I have the letter (insert letter name) who has a picture that begins with the letter (inset sound). Both children are dismissed from the circle to the next activity.
Beginning Level
Give out mitten pairs to two children sitting next to each other. Have the pair stand and everyone sings 
"This is the letter (insert letter name), B
the letter (insert name), B
the letter (insert name), B
(insert picture name), Ball begins with B

You can find this game in my TPT Store, click the link and have fun!